The 2024 Super Bowl Set to Break Records as the Largest NFL Event in History

The 2024 Super Bowl is set to be a historic event, taking place at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on 11 February 2024. The NFL officials are touting it as the biggest “Big Game” in NFL history, and the buzz surrounding the event is already immense.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ), a series of Super Bowl promotion events has been generating significant attention, with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell commenting that the buzz around the event has never been higher. He attributed this to the atmosphere created in Las Vegas.

The game is expected to be fully covered in terms of technological infrastructure, with CBS Sports network preparing to produce the largest Super Bowl production in the broadcaster’s history. This will involve as many as 110 cameras, including 4K zoom devices, three drones, and five aerial cameras to provide comprehensive coverage of the Allegiant Stadium spectacle.

CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus emphasized that they will have all angles covered and will start their coverage on the Monday of Super Bowl week, culminating in 10 hours of coverage on Super Bowl Sunday. He also highlighted their intention to showcase not only the game itself but also the city of Las Vegas and all its glory.

In addition to the immense media coverage, the advertising for the big game has already been sold out at a record pace, with 30-second commercial slots going for $6-7 million. This, along with the demand for tickets, which NFL Commissioner Goodell described as “off the charts,” reflects the unprecedented interest in this event.

Las Vegas will become the first city to host the prestigious triad of NFL Draft, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl events. This is considered remarkable given that the city has only had an NFL team since 2020, and it reflects the significant impact of hosting the Super Bowl. Steve Hill, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, expressed his excitement about being a part of the event and the transformation it has brought to Las Vegas.