Sportradar partners with ATP to enhance tennis data innovations

Sportradar, a multinational corporation based in Switzerland, has announced a new partnership with Tennis Data Innovations (TDI), a specialist commercial division of ATP Media and ATP based in England. The collaboration aims to provide streaming rights for wagering and international data, as well as rights for media data, for every ATP Challenger Tour and ATP Tour event. The main goal of the partnership is to drive commercial expansion for the sport of tennis and enhance engagement for fans through the creation of new media and wagering products.

The partnership, set to begin in December, will see Sportradar’s ATP Service+ offering innovative solutions to enhance the fan experience. These solutions include transforming live streams with 3D animations, offering short-form video highlights for registered users, providing augmented streaming, expanding in-play wagering markets, and developing targeted and personalized wagering products to enhance the sportsbook for international operator customers.

In addition to these innovations, Sportradar and TDI will collaborate to produce media products that offer in-depth insights and statistical analysis to entertain and inform fans. Sportradar will also utilize its OTT solution for live match streaming of the ATP Challenger Tour through ATP’s Challenger TV. The production of the Tennis Innovation Lab is also expected to create new opportunities to support the ATP’s vision of making tennis the most technologically advanced sport globally.

Beyond the fan experience, Sportradar will provide Integrity Services for each event of the ATP Challenger Tour and ATP Tour to protect contests from wagering-related corruption and match-fixing. This will involve addressing and monitoring integrity risks and threats through investigation and due-diligence support.

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of TDI, David Lampitt, expressed his excitement about realizing their growth ambitions and delivering on their commitment to take the fan experience to the next level. He emphasized that the partnership with Sportradar will lead to the development and integration of advanced technologies to provide fans with a more immersive and entertaining experience, ultimately attracting a new generation of fans to the game.

The CEO of Sportradar, Carsten Koerl, also highlighted the company’s position as a leading sports technology company and its ability to deliver against ATP’s ambitious growth plans. He expressed that the collaborative partnership will result in the creation of engaging products and services as part of the ATP Service+ offering, allowing them to effectively monetize the relationship and deliver new ways for bettors and fans to experience the sport of tennis.

Overall, this partnership between Sportradar and TDI is expected to bring about significant advancements in the fan experience, the commercial expansion of tennis, and the integrity of ATP events, ultimately benefiting fans, bettors, and the sport as a whole.