Senator David Marsden Suggests Casino Legislation for Virginia

After a decline in tax revenues in northern Virginia’s Fairfax County due to the pandemic, State Sen. David Marsden is proposing legislation to allow for the building of a casino resort in the county, in an effort to recover the economic losses. Last year, a similar proposal failed, but Marsden is undeterred and is suggesting a casino with amenities such as a convention center, concert hall, and hotel.

Marsden has designated Tysons Corner as the preferred location for the casino development, citing its high-end shopping malls and retail facilities, as well as its proximity to the Maryland border, making it a convenient destination for visitors from the neighboring state. He also proposes that any site near one of the Silver Line Metro Stations be covered by the prospective gaming bill, connecting the property with Dulles Airport and creating additional job opportunities for the community.

The proposal comes in response to the economic decline faced by Fairfax County in the post-pandemic period, as the demand for office space weakened. Marsden believes that a casino could significantly boost tax revenues and create job opportunities for the community. Despite recent rejections of casino proposals in Richmond and Manassas Park, Marsden sees an opportunity for Fairfax County to fill the void and is determined to convince voters to approve the casino development.

Overall, the proposal is aimed at revitalizing the economic driver of the state and bringing in new revenue streams for the county. It remains to be seen how the lawmakers and the public will respond to this proposal for casino development in Fairfax County.