Record-Breaking 363,000 Visitors Flock to Macau for Christmas Holidays

The Christmas season has brought a significant increase in visitor activity to Macau, with city officials reporting more than 362,600 visitors from December 23 to December 25. According to GGRAsia, the daily average in tourist arrivals over the Christmas season was stronger than the one recorded during China’s National Day in autumn, with a daily average of 116,546 visitors during the busy tourist season.

The Christmas holidays brought the highest daily total of 133,603 visitors to Macau on December 23. On Christmas Eve, December 24, the city reportedly welcomed 120,594 arrivals, while 108,446 tourists chose to spend Christmas Day in Macau. This amounted to a total of 362,643 visitor arrivals during the holiday, with the daily visitor count averaging at 120,881.

The Christmas holiday visitor total is much lower than the 932,368 visitor count reported during China’s National Day. This is mainly due to the fact that Christmas is not a holiday in mainland China, which significantly reduces visits to Macau on weekdays. However, the Christmas daily average exceeded the previous peak period, particularly due to the influx of tourists from Hong Kong where Christmas is an official holiday.

Hong Kong is the second most important source of tourists for Macau, and more tourist arrivals are expected from there on December 26, which is the closing day of the festive period. The majority of arrivals to Macau were recorded at the Border Gate checkpoint located between Macau and mainland China, as well as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

The strong visitor stream into Macau during the Christmas holidays had been expected by representatives from the gaming and travel sectors before the festive period. Despite the cold weather, the city welcomed almost 363,000 tourists, raising the festive daily average to almost 121,000. This surge in visitor activity is a positive sign for the region’s tourism and gaming industries.