Online Operator Gamesys Operations Ltd. Fined by UK Gambling Commission

Gamesys Operations Limited, the operator of 16 online gambling websites including,,, and, has been fined £6 million by the UK Gambling Commission for breaching Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and failure in social responsibility.

The UKGC’s lawsuit requires the firm to undergo a third-party audit to ensure the effective implementation of safer gambling and AML policies, controls, and procedures. These violations were uncovered during the Commission compliance assessment in May 2022.

Regarding the AML failures, the UK Gambling Commission found that the operator had an insufficient “Reinvestment of winnings policy” which did not mitigate the risk of funds being from illegitimate sources. Additionally, customers were able to evade AML checks and spend significant sums without proper due diligence. Inadequate customer due diligence was also noted, with the operator relying heavily on third-party information or customer verbal assurances for large deposits.

The lack of social responsibility was also evident, with the operator’s system of deposit limits failing to identify risks of harm quickly enough for some customers. There were also instances where customers at risk of experiencing harm associated with gambling were not identified, and responsible gambling interactions were not conducted appropriately.

These violations occurred between November 2021 and July 2022.

Executive Director of Operations, Kay Roberts, commented on the fine, stating that the regulator’s focus is to ensure that operators implement policies and procedures that make gambling fair, safe, and crime-free. Significant regulatory action is to be expected whenever there are failures in policies and procedures.

The fine reflects the UK Gambling Commission’s commitment to ensuring that operators adhere to the highest standards of AML laws and social responsibility, and serves as a warning to other operators to comply with these regulations.