November Sets Record for Online Gaming Revenue in Michigan

In November, Michigan saw an unprecedented surge in online casino gaming revenue, breaking the previous record with a staggering $175.3 million in gross revenue. This amount includes an additional $37 million earned from online sports betting apps, a category that was not initially included in the total.

The remarkable increase in revenue was primarily attributed to the success of FanDuel, which saw an 18.9% increase from its previous record of $37 million set in October. Additionally, the MotorCity Casino iGaming licensee became the second digital casino app to surpass $40 million in monthly revenue, following in the footsteps of BetMGM, a renowned leader in the industry.

Comparing the results to the same month’s previous year, the gross revenue in November 2023 was 20.5% higher, with the state earning $145.4 million in online gaming revenue. This marks the third time a monthly record has been broken in Michigan this year, following previous milestones set in January and March.

The state generated a tax revenue of $157.8 million in adjusted gross revenue, resulting in an inflow of $32.9 million. The online casino revenue contributed nearly $320 million in taxes, marking a $30.6 million increase compared to the end of 2022.

The city of Detroit recorded a substantial increase in annual revenue, earning $8.2 million, bringing the total annual revenue to $81 million. Additionally, tribes received $4.1 million, while local jurisdictions earned $38.9 million.

FanDuel’s success continued to soar, with the company breaking its own record three times in a row, surpassing the $40 million milestone each month. On the mobile platforms, MGM Grand led with $46.7 million in gross revenue but faced mounting competition from FanDuel, with only a $2.8 million difference in revenue.

Other platforms also saw significant successes, with PENN Entertainment earning $4.1 million in winnings and recording a commercial gross revenue of $94.8 million. Tribal gaming in the state also achieved record-breaking revenue, with BetRivers and Caesars earning $10 million and $9.1 million respectively.

Overall, tribal internet casinos recorded $80.5 million and accumulated an annual revenue of $802.3 million, earned by 11 operators, marking a historic achievement for the sector.