Macau David Group Unveils Plans for $895 Million Casino Project in Fiji

Macau-based junket operator and investment firm David Group has recently announced its plans for a FJ$2 billion ( $895 million) casino and hotel resort development in the island country of Fiji. Sandeep Singh, the project head, revealed that the project is scheduled to launch in 2026, pending approval from relevant authorities.

The development will be carried out in two stages, according to Singh. The first phase, with an estimated cost of FJ$1 billion ($447.5 million), will feature a stand-alone casino and a 1000-room luxury integrated 7-star hotel, along with amenities such as restaurants, conference rooms, a business center, shopping mall, marina, and necessary infrastructure. The second phase, with an equal cost of FJ$1 billion, will include a Disney-style amusement park, an indoor rugby stadium, an entertainment complex, and a luxury sub-division.

The project aligns with the government’s objective to promote the private sector’s contribution to the economy and enhance the export of services. It is also expected to bolster foreign visits to Fiji, consequently boosting the local tourism industry. Singh emphasized that the casino development would diversify the Fijian tourism sector and attract more tourists, particularly from China.

In addition to the economic benefits, the project is anticipated to create job opportunities for over 600 locals. However, upon completion, the development will not permit entry to Fijian citizens, in adherence to strict security protocols.

While the exact location for the development is yet to be determined, potential sites include Southern Denarau or Wailoaloa in Nadi. The government is cautious about the project’s progress, emphasizing the need to follow gambling license rules and regulations while considering the interests of all stakeholders, especially social stakeholders in Fiji.

Australian visitor arrivals in Fiji have already surpassed pre-pandemic levels, indicating a thriving influx of foreign visits. Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka urged caution and thorough consideration of all stakeholders’ interests in light of the development’s potential impact on the country.

If approved, the development is poised to bring significant changes to Fiji’s tourism landscape, enhancing its attractiveness as a destination for international visitors.