LottoStar Joins Forces with RubyPlay to Create Custom Title

RubyPlay, the online casino game developer, has announced the release of a new title developed specifically for its partner, LottoStar, in the South African market. This is the first custom title that RubyPlay has developed for the South African market, marking an important milestone for the company.

The new game, titled Immortal Ways LottoStar, features branding from LottoStar to differentiate it from other games in the market and appeal to existing clients. The game offers players 10,000 winning ways and utilizes 2 Immortal Arrays across the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. Additionally, it features 2 Bonus Wheels, offering players opportunities to generate additional cash rewards, jackpot rewards, and multipliers.

This release comes after RubyPlay’s entry into the South African market in June 2023, and the subsequent launch of 53 gaming titles in the region. Dr. Eyal Loz, Chief Product Officer at RubyPlay, commented on the new title, expressing excitement about the company’s success in South Africa and its commitment to notable growth within regulated markets during 2024.

RubyPlay’s focus on the South African market is part of its broader strategy to expand into regulated markets, with plans to extend into Spain, Romania, and other regions in the near future. The company sees South Africa as a crucial region for its growth and is dedicated to providing innovative and engaging gaming experiences to players in the region.

In addition to the new title, RubyPlay continues to develop its portfolio of high-quality video slots, with a headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine, and a global design team that contributes to the creative and innovative design of its games. LottoStar, on the other hand, is South Africa’s first lottery-focused wagering site, offering players the opportunity to place wagers on the outcome of the world’s largest international lotteries.

Overall, the release of the new custom title, Immortal Ways LottoStar, underscores RubyPlay’s commitment to providing tailored gaming experiences for its partners and players in the South African market. The company is optimistic about the reception of the new game and looks forward to continuing its momentum and growth in the region.