Limited Number of Sports Betting Ads Permitted During Super Bowl, NFL Announces

The anticipation for the Super Bowl is building, and with it comes the excitement of the ads that will be featured during the big game. However, this year, there will be a notable reduction in the number of sports betting ads that viewers will see.

David Highhill, the General Manager for Sports Betting at the NFL, recently announced that there will only be three sports betting ads visible during the Super Bowl. Of these, one will air before kickoff, and the remaining two will be shown during the game. This decision comes as the NFL has implemented a new policy regarding in-game sports betting ads, limiting them to roughly one ad per quarter and accounting for less than 5% of all in-game ads.

This move to reduce the number of sports betting ads is part of the NFL’s efforts to maintain the safety and reliability of sports betting, particularly during high-profile events like the Super Bowl. The league has been monitoring the interest in sports betting among fans since 2019 and has noted a significant increase in participation.

However, the growing popularity of sports betting has also led to concerns, particularly from recovering gambling addicts who feel triggered by constant advertising. In response, efforts are being made to restrict sports betting ads, with various professional sports leagues collaborating to oversee sports betting ads in the US from April 2023.

While the NFL maintains that it is not responsible for sports betting ads that run outside of its games, the league has invested in training its employees about problem and responsible gambling practices. Over 17,000 employees have received training on gambling laws and practices, as well as disciplinary measures.

Additionally, the NFL has donated $6.2 million to fund gambling treatment programs and offer support to those dealing with addiction through its website and helpline, in collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling.

In light of these initiatives, it is clear that the NFL is taking steps to address the potential negative impact of sports betting and prioritize the well-being of its fans. As the Super Bowl approaches, the spotlight will be on the limited number of sports betting ads and the broader efforts being made to ensure responsible gambling practices.