Grand Opening of Terre Haute Casino Resort Set for April 5th

The opening dates for Terre Haute Casino Resort have been revealed through a recent announcement on Facebook. The casino is set to open on April 5, with the adjoining hotel opening on May 15. The grand opening celebration for the casino will take place at 10:30 AM, after which the casino will operate 24 hours a day. The hotel will boast 10 floors and nearly 125 rooms, and will be located off Margaret Avenue on the east side of the city. The casino will feature 34 gaming tables, 1,000 slot machines, and 9 food and beverage venues for guests to enjoy.

Terre Haute Mayor, Brandon Sakbun, expressed his excitement for the new tourist attraction, while also acknowledging the safety and transportation concerns that may arise with an estimated 1.1 million visitors. However, he also noted that the incoming casino dollars will provide resources to address various city services.

Mark Clinkenbeard, Vigo County Commissioner, shared his excitement for the opening of the casino and hotel, stating that it will benefit the community and contribute to economic development in the area.

The road to getting a casino in Terre Haute has been a long one, involving legal changes, alliances, and controversy. Indiana officially legalized casino gambling in 1993, initially only for riverboats, before removing the riverboat restriction in 2015. Terre Haute was the last metropolitan area in Indiana without a casino until Spectacle Entertainment, along with Hard Rock International, was chosen to obtain a casino license for Vigo County in November 2021, after other companies faced various challenges and obstacles.

Despite some struggles and setbacks along the way, Terre Haute is finally on track to open a new casino and hotel, which is expected to bring economic opportunities and growth to the area. The community is looking forward to the numerous benefits that the casino will bring to the city.