FanDuel and Genius Sports Collaborate to Launch BetVision Platform

In a recent move, Genius Sports Limited has expanded its reach across the United States by teaming up with FanDuel, the most popular sportsbook in the country, to offer its customers access to the advanced transformative streaming solution, BetVision. This strategic partnership was officially confirmed by Genius Sports on November 15.

This collaboration brings an exciting opportunity for FanDuel’s customers. BetVision will now be integrated into FanDuel’s premium NFL offering, allowing customers to access NFL’s proprietary Next Gen Stats and the official betting data feed related to the league. Through the integration with BetVision, FanDuel customers will have the opportunity to access live NFL viewing experiences on their mobile and tablet devices through the FanDuel app.

The addition of BetVision will enable customers to watch their chosen NFL games while following live stat tracking and enjoying the commentary from well-known broadcasters and streamers from the United States. Furthermore, the partnership will also bring additional features to the platform, including integrated betting odds, in-game betting alerts, and the ability to place live bets within video players.

BetVision, a relatively new addition to the Genius Sports portfolio, has gained significant popularity since its launch in September. It serves to increase in-game wagers, improve customer engagement and retention, and offers various personalization options for sportsbook fans.

Mike Raffensperger, Chief Commercial Officer at FanDuel, expressed their commitment to elevating the betting experience on their platform for fans during every game. Similarly, Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, noted that the extended collaboration with FanDuel is set to lead a new era of sports betting experiences across North America, revolutionizing the live betting experience and driving fan engagement and growth of in-game betting.

With FanDuel already collaborating with NFL Official League Data, the addition of BetVision marks another significant step in enhancing the sports betting experience for their customers. The integration with BetVision is expected to further improve and personalize the overall sports betting experience for FanDuel’s users.