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Hi esports betting fans.Β  CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI Winter 2021 is live! πŸ’ͺ
Watch all the matches LIVE on Stake! Featuring many of the popular teams including NaVi, Vitality, Gambit, Liquid, FaZe, NiP and more! 🌎

Heaps of matches on this week, find all of the CS:GO action on site:

G2 vs Vitality
Gambit vs Virtus Pro
BiG vs Godsent
Liquid vs Astralis

CS:GO fans you’d know that this tournament is absolutely stacked! Enjoy all of our most favourite teams together batting for glory! πŸ†

Check out the matches on offer, support your favourite teams, and utilize your Esports knowledge to make some serious money today!

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