Crown Melbourne Introduces Mandatory Time and Money Limits for Players

Australia is implementing new regulations to further protect the safety and security of players in the realm of gambling. The latest changes involve gaming machines at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, where all players will be required to use the YourPlay system to set loss limits for both time and money.
These new regulations are set to come into effect on December 14, 2023. Melissa Horne, the Minister for Casino, Gaming, and Liquor Regulation in Victoria, has expressed support for these measures, believing that they will give more control to casino patrons and maintain safe and secure gambling in the province by addressing various problem gambling issues. She stated, “We are delivering nation-leading reforms to protect the most vulnerable from gambling harm and putting the power back into the hands of patrons.”
According to reports from The Shout, players will now be able to set limits, and if they reach these limits, their access to the machines will be denied for either 24 hours or seven days, depending on their preferences. This is an improvement from the previous regulations, which mandated 15-minute breaks after three hours of gambling and at least one day’s break after 12 hours of gambling. Additionally, a maximum of 36 hours per week spent on gambling has been set.
Furthermore, the new regulations will require the verification of patrons’ identities when they sign up for the program to prevent money laundering. Their accounts will be linked to YourPlay, where they can monitor real-time updates and details about their activities. Players wanting to collect more than $1,000 will be required to provide identification to collect their winnings. Additionally, a mandatory carded play, currently only established in Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs), will be implemented in all Victorian casinos by December 2025.
All these regulations are part of the gambling reform recommended by the Royal Commission. Horne emphasized that these changes are designed to track, stop, and prosecute illegal activities like money laundering.
CiarĂ¡n Carruthers, the CEO of Crown Resorts, expressed the company’s ambition to operate the safest casinos in the world. He welcomed the introduction of carded play at Crown Melbourne, highlighting its potential to foster a safer, more enjoyable gambling experience for all patrons and revolutionize the way they engage with gambling and entertainment.