Córdoba Province Prepares for the Launch of Online Gambling Services

The provincial government of Córdoba has announced that online gambling will soon be available in the region, with a planned debut just 48 hours after the November 19 presidential runoff election. The initial launch will be in the form of a demo format, running from November 21 to January 5, after which true wagering will be allowed.

While 8 pre-licensing deals have been awarded, only 4 online wagering platforms will be making their official debut. The Córdoba Lottery described these steps as the only legal means of capturing and receiving bets virtually in the province of Córdoba. The main goal of the demo period is to increase public awareness of safe gaming and encourage responsible gambling.

However, there have been attempts to block online gambling in the capital city by a councilor named Juan Pablo Quinteros. He has submitted a complaint to the Córdoba courts and has asked the governor to repel the law on online gambling, citing regulations that ban gambling within 20 kilometers of the central square of San Martin.

The regulations for online gambling in Córdoba stipulate that wagering will only be allowed from devices within the borders of the province. The license will be given to 4 firms – B-Play, Betsson, Jugadon, and PlayCet – for a period of 15 years, with no option for renewal. These operators have already begun forming partnerships to expand their presence in the Argentinian regulated market.

For example, Betsson has entered into an alliance with Casino de Victoria from Argentina, Concesionaria de Entretenimiento y Turismo (CET) has partnered with Daruma Sam, and Boldt has teamed up with SG Digital (B-Play) to expand their presence in the country. Jugadon, an online casino brand, will be managed by a group that operates racing tracks, arcades, and slot machines in the province of San Louis.

Overall, the introduction of online gambling in Córdoba comes with its fair share of controversies and regulatory challenges, but it also presents opportunities for expansion and partnerships within the Argentinian gambling market.