Community Board Approves Coney Island Casino Plan

Members of Community Board in New York Vote in Favor of Casino Zoning

The gambling industry in New York is experiencing a surge, and the authorities are showing support for its growth. This is evident from the recent vote by Bensonshurst’s Community Board 11, which expressed its opinion about the establishment of new casinos in the area. The vote was specifically related to the gaming facility zoning text amendment, which will allow for the construction of up to three gaming facilities in the city.

The board has approved three new licenses in New York State, one of which includes the long-anticipated casino in Coney Island, known as The Coney. This casino is expected to be built once the downstate bid passes. The voting process was influenced by various conditions that affected the community boards in the city, but ultimately, 20 board members voted in favor of the casinos, while two members abstained from voting. Affected community boards will have the opportunity to provide input on the licenses, traffic studies, job fairs, and other related topics.

In March, discussions about the Coney Island casino began, with plans for the facility to include a variety of amenities such as a towering glass building near the amusement park, a new hotel, and a grand gambling facility, making it the first legal casino in the Five Boroughs.

The pro-casino task force has been actively engaging in preparations for the casino’s construction, reaching out to residents, leaders, and organizations to ensure they understand the benefits of the casino. According to Robert Cornegy, a partner in the task force, the goal is to communicate the opportunities and benefits that The Coney will bring to Brooklyn and Coney Island, emphasizing job creation and economic revitalization for the region.

Following conversations with residents, the task force acknowledged the community’s desire to support the youth. As a result, they have pledged to organize basketball clinics, donate technology, support academic projects, and implement other programs to invest in the local community. This commitment to the community has garnered significant support for the casino voting process.

The next stage involves seeking approval from a Community Advisory Committee. Meanwhile, other casino applicants from Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx are awaiting the Committee’s evaluation of their applications.