2023 Poker Festival in Tallinn Exclusively for Women

The Queens of Tallinn 2023 poker festival took place from November 30 to December 3, 2023, in the luxurious Olympic Park Casino and Hilton Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia. The festival made history by being the first-ever women-only poker festival in Europe, featuring 150 female players from 15 different countries.

Organized by OlyBet, the festival included a total of eleven events, with ten of them exclusively featuring female poker players. The main event, the Queens of Tallinn 2023 Main Event, had 65 buy-ins and offered a prize pool of €19,246 to the finalists. The top eight players received rewards, with Lithuanian player Marta Porter emerging as the winner of the tournament and taking home the first prize of €6,167.

The four-day event was not just about playing cards, but also served as a celebration of women in the world of poker. Christer Larsson, OlyBet Group Poker Director, expressed the intention behind the festival, stating, “With the first women’s poker festival, we wanted to give women more opportunities to test themselves in a competitive situation against other female players. We are delighted with the positive feedback from so many women.”

The festival also included the Ladies and Gentlemen tournament, which featured both female and male players. Estonian poker tournament player Imre Leibold emerged as the winner of that event. The success of the festival highlights the growing participation of female players in poker tournaments, with a recent research study revealing a 22% increase in female poker players across Britain in 2022.

The Queens of Tallinn 2023 poker festival marks a significant milestone in the world of poker, showcasing the talent and skill of female poker players and providing them with a platform to compete and excel in the game. It signifies a positive shift in the traditionally male-dominated world of poker and paves the way for more inclusive and diverse poker events in the future.