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I am a CSGO enthusiast and enjoy spending evenings watching matches. However, I never bet on CSGO for real money, so after some research, I realized that there are many different options when it comes to the absolutely best CSGO bets and gambling for 2019 using real money.

CSGO betting or so-called gambling has gained immense popularity over the past few years. I realized that betting on matches really changed the experience of watching a match; you become so busy and put your heart into it. The feeling when you think you have just lost a couple of dollars, but your team suddenly gains confidence, returns and begins to destroy opponents, this is truly an overwhelming, one-of-a-kind feeling.

As mentioned earlier, I did some research, and this is what I found.

Enjoy the list of the best csgo betting sites  in below.

Best CsGo Sites

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How to bet on CS:GO and ESports

CS: Head Out is the third-largest competitive game in the world, second only to Dota 2 and League of Legends in terms of profitability and audience. This means that you have currently selected a separate segment of the site from our group of the most effective CSGO gaming sites in 2019, and you are ready to place a bet.

Easy to create a trading account and deposit cash. Make sure you use the Gain Code (TGG100 in Now just select which team you imagine and get a bet. Remember that you can also bet, for example: which group will receive the first round?

Bookmakers usually expect major championships to open up market segments for the entire game, and tournaments are actually held almost every month in which players can earn a decent income. As a rule, bookmakers offer more than ten different markets for bets in the normal mode, and you will provide a characteristic of live gambling. In bets before video games, we can receive handicaps, encashment, spherical champions and, in addition, over/undercards.

Quite often, bookmakers present quite good chances, and we will often be able to take advantage of these unregulated probabilities and make efforts to make fantastic profits.

GG.BET  Best betting sites

As I am an enthusiast of CSGO and eSports, this particular betting website is very close to my heart, as it pays 1% of your winnings for the team that won. Therefore, you indirectly help your preferred team by betting on them. Having said that, you can really tell that the creators and founders of the betting web page are electronic action fanatics and former professional gamers. GG. Wager is actually sponsors of some of the most significant names in electronic activities, and the design of their site is pretty neat and simple. Many of us want everything to be quick in order to understand what a webpage really is because you can quickly watch games through their web site.

If you feel that you need even more details on this betting blog, feel free to study our resume.

Advantages of GG.

– Supporting teams, just talking about the winnings
– Simple and neat website
– Created by former experienced players.
– Big weekly bonuses with probabilities of getting skins, etc.
– 24/7 customer support
– Accepts cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin)


EGB is by far one of the best betting sites for 2021, according to your experience and analysis. This is a straightforward, neat and cool person using their site, and the appearance is quite simplified, but in fact it is something else for high-class players. We would rather portray it as a gaming blog for everyone. They have live gambling, and this thing is growing daily, and in addition, their chances are updated live. This is an extremely reliable site that is authorized and regulated by the jurisdiction of Curacao. Yes, of course, you like bonuses, and EGB offers a 100% prize deposit of up to $ 600, one of the best bonuses among different gaming sites.

Why EGB is one of the best betting sites in the opinion of all of us:

– 100% reward for the first deposit, up to $ 600.
– A variety of customer service – email, phone or chat.
– Quick withdrawals within 1-7 days.
– Live betting on matches – for example, Initially destroy, will there be a “member” of the clutch?
– A wide selection of games – 10 online flash games.
– Neat and simple interface
– Simple deposit options, such as Visa, Mastercard, Paysafe, Skrill or Neteller. is located in Cyprus and is one of your most famous bookmakers. The entire site was designed taking into account the needs of the e-sports network. The bookmaker provides fair odds and various types of e-sports tournaments around the world. This is good CS: GO gambling website.

Here are some of the reasons you need to choose this trusted csgo gambling site:

– It provides full insurance for bets, live coverage, as well as for real-time bets.
– The best bonuses for bets, which often cost up to 100 euros.
– Usually, of the platforms offering replenishment and withdrawals through Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency.

Being the second in the list of the best CSGO gaming sites for 2021, I chose Rivalry, although there are also larger betting sites there. This is a completely new site that you can guess about costumes, and it is intended only for e-sports. In addition, it has all the necessary media and relevant information about the matches, as well as information about the clubs, which will help you decide which bet you can go to. became a partner for an extremely serious sponsorship with Fnatic, which even renamed its company logo as a result of this, which ultimately means that is nowhere to grow and have a position in the CSGO betting sector.

Something amazing and exciting is their new game called Thunderdome, where you can select 10 video game titles to place bets for free, and the winner can leave with big rewards. Even if you do not get them all properly, you will have the opportunity to earn a few dollars!

Benefits of working with as one of the safe CS:GO betting sites:
– gives you $ 1.50 with no deposit; You can start without making almost any money.
– Simple and intuitive interface
– 24/7 live chat support
– You do not want to invest a little risk in your bets? No problem, the lowest bid is $ 0.5
– Earn up to $ 350 in bonuses with their VIP club
– See add-ons on the competition site
– Thunderdome – no stakes – big rewards
(Rivalry is not possible in some countries. We recommend that you check when you can register and deposit funds from your region)

Unibet – csgo betting
I assume that many of you have already heard about this online betting site – they are large, some of the largest, or at least for sports. They have eSports, although it is definitely hidden and not advertised. Nevertheless, it is a reliable website that you can go to, but the only drawback is that they do not have the largest eSports market. Why Unibet got on this list because they have a very easy-to-use application that is not found on almost all of these betting sites.

Why Unibet deserves the area as one of the best CSGO gaming sites in 2019:

– Great mobile app
– 24/7 Customer Support
– Clean site
– Great welcome offer (100% discount on your earliest deposit up to 50 €).

Crash betting on CS: GO skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was already a global phenomenon, registering for those names that accumulate information in a short time. In total, by the end of 2016, more than 25 million copies of the game were sent, which shows rapid growth. Player levels often rise, however, the subject has gained exceptional popularity due to the appearance of the skin market, which, of course, is interchangeable for real money.


You can buy an appearance or, possibly, exchange them for money. These were the most controversial emerging markets that made a lot of changes and improvements to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thus, the phenomenon of FPS game names has grown significantly in both of these years, when Valve’s multiplayer shooter attracted at least 1,500% more players. This may be due to the pleasure that every game has real money on the line, and you can put these skins on different independent websites on Valve, but backed up by the organization in Seattle. These rates are not insignificant or indirect facts, but let’s focus on dizzying amounts. In 2015, about 2,300 million US dollars were placed in the CS: Maneuver skins. About 3 million players took part in the betting system. However, the fall began with CS: Head Out Lounge.

The fall

The CS: GO Lounge website is currently one of the 700 most visited on the planet, with a regular increase of 38 million visits. It’s clear that CS betting: lead curiosity, and by following this quantitative question, the evidence will become irrefutable: a standard bet of $ 134,000 was received on a website with an archive of just one $ 1.2 million bet made in a game between Luminosity and Fnatic. Such statistics, as well as much more, explained how CSGO gambling began when Valve managed to visit many courts, and it all ended when Valve submitted a letter of termination and refusal to participate in all or all of these pores and sites betting, including CS: GO Lounge. ,

Problems with Skinpay

Skins in the games we play, such as League of Legends, CSGO, and Dota 2, do not improve the player’s ability in the game, but they only change the appearance of the character we play. Skins are add-ons that determine what your weapons will look like, including shooting effects. In eSports gambling, these skins are used as a currency for placing bets. The price of skins starts from a few cents to several thousand dollars.

Problems with this type of payment

The eSports city can simply place bets on skins through some gaming sites in CSGO. Despite this, there are certain limitations. Quite often, bookmakers do not allow you to bet with a specific skin. Another problem that arises, of course, is that the value of skins will fluctuate greatly. Since sometimes completely new factors are intended for common names of games, and since certain species are additionally attracted, previous species tend to lose their value.

Unreliable payment approach

Subsequently, Skinpay is not the most reliable betting method. When you make a bet, the price of the skins you receive can easily drop sharply overnight, which means that you are definitely in high heels when you generate an assumption with the help of skins that you will have to cash them almost instantly, which is not This circumstance at bets with funds. Despite all the flaws, Skinpay is still perhaps the most standard look.

Things to consider when betting on CSGO

So, now you understand more about gambling sites in CSGO and understand where you can bet on matches, but how do you find what to guess, found after most of the real bets were used for betting in CSGO. We help you read news about upcoming meetings, consider players from past varieties, or perhaps just use your center and place bets on your chosen team. Think about your deposits, you can lose this money, so do not guess more than you can, or matter can make a difference.

We want you to get acquainted with each of the advantages that the guys wrote about each site, and have what really is the subject of material that meets your requirements in CSGO bets. Could this be a great iphone app or an excellent welcome bonus, possibly customer support. Remember that whatever these factors are for you, feel free to experiment. Several sites are great options for those who want to make CSGO meetings first, and I must say that I inspire you to try all of them to see which one suits you absolutely best.

What makes a bet for CSGO?

Betting is a huge market for a picture of the activity and really helped promote and expand the activity. It may be difficult to verify, but betting will undoubtedly bring eSports activities to most of the current heights thanks to the marketing and engagement that it brings to the picture. We would not see an excessive amount of advertising on television, for which the target group spends more time in front of the computer than on television, or, nevertheless, works with Netflix, etc.

Wager, they are usually the main sponsor in huge tournaments and even in some clubs. Game sites are definitely vital for CSGO to understand the number of site visitors that some sporting events today contain. It is amazing what betting can do for a picture, and I am delighted to watch a video game, which we all enjoy from prosperity and growth.

What tournaments can I bet on?

It also determines which betting site is right for you. You will see major tournaments, the so-called “majors”. These will be Steam sponsored tournaments, and specialty add-ons are likely to be available on every gaming internet site that is there. On the other hand, there are smaller tournaments for monitoring. Additions to these tournaments will generally be on betting sites that simply focus on Esports betting. Such as, GG.Wager and ArcaneBet.

CSGO Bonuses

This is absolutely what you need to keep track of, as many betting sites found in CSGO can be very generous with their bonuses. You can see what type of bonuses the number of sites is higher in my quick reviews. However, some sites use policies that will not allow you to earn revenue until you reach a certain amount of expenses. Let’s say you get $ 50 when you open your first deposit. After that, you may need to spend at least $ 50 on bets in order to withdraw money. Find this to be a good example, and these rules vary for all of your sites. I would recommend that you carefully understand the rules to make this site exactly what you expected it to be. In the end, help finding the right betting site can be the goal of the document. Some sites give you a reward for your first deposit, and for several – for your first few deposits.

Bonus Codes

It is worth noting that the most effective CSGO gaming sites prefer ArcaneBet, and GG.wager offers an excellent bonus offer, much better than most sites right now. The fact is, to receive this reward as a gift, you will need a bonus code. (If you prefer the code, we have a code for your assessment – Code: TGG100). Whatever you do, be sure to create the code by completing your entire first deposit.

Now that you have quite a bit of knowledge about gambling sites and CSGO bets for 2019, using real money. I hope you succeed in gambling and, most importantly, have fun!

Enjoy our best csgo betting sites rating and find your new sites to bet and play.